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From time to time, this page will list special funding opportunities from other private and public funders as well as Capacity Building and Technical Assistance opportunities. This page is meant to share information and resources, not meant to be an endorsement, and is totally optional.


APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN FOR: Chicago Neighborhood Development Awards - Due Jan 23

Recognizing outstanding achievement in neighborhood real estate development, community engagement, neighborhood planning, creative placemaking and building stronger and healthier communities.

Click here to apply:


Do you know of a nonprofit, that is in start-up mode and doing great work? SEND THEM TO SPRINGBOARD FOUNDATION FUND!

Springboard Summary

Springboard has twin objectives: supporting afterschool programs and building nonprofit organizational capacity.

They fund small nonprofits that provide critical afterschool programs in under-invested neighborhoods in Chicago. Their funding style is like the venture philanthropy model providing general operating support to start-up nonprofits and their intrepid leaders for 5 years. First year grantees receive general operating fund grants plus capacity building funds.


Historically the grantees that fit the best meet the following:

  • Provides afterschool programs in place-based settings OR working with schools and other organizations in Chicago serving young Chicagoans (Note: Springboard is looking to fund youth development organizations located in Chicago. Most of the programming should be youth focused, afterschool, and based in Chicago. Springboard is not looking to fund a part/program of a larger organization).

  • Conducts programming (approximately) sometime M-F between 3-6pm during the CPS school year. Programs only providing weekends or summer school don't work for Springboard.

  • Provides almost any kind of afterschool enrichment: tutoring, mentoring, homework-helping, arts & culture, literacy, STEM, STEAM(!), sports, design, cooking and any others.

  • Is newish, about 3 years old (funded newer, and they look at organizations up to 5 years old given COVID).

  • Is smallish, usually under $100K in annual budget.

  • Has dedicated, competent leaders (of all backgrounds) that can handle a site visit of up to 5 people.

  • Has programming in place by Spring 2024 for site visits. (Note: if organization leaders cannot organize a site visit of the program with students, the organization may be too new to apply to Springboard)

    Next Steps

    Does this seem like a good fit? All interested prospective grantees should fill out the Prospective Springboard Grantee survey here: Based on survey results, they'll schedule a phone conversation to discuss whether this cycle is the right time to move forward with a proposal. Grant proposals for new grantees are due February 29, 2024.