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During fiscal year 2019, the Blowitz-Ridgeway Foundation
received 172 applications and awarded 89 grants.

Health Care Services


All Our Children's Advocacy Center $15,000
For General Operating Support to meet the increasing demand for trauma-informed services which includes case management and coordinated therapy, specialized forensic interviews.

Alternatives, Inc. $12,500
For the Behavioral Health Services, which provides school-based health center counseling, counseling at a community-based center, substance abuse treatment, and crisis intervention counseling services for at-risk youth from low-income families.

Antioch Area Health Accessibility $ 10,000
For general operating support to link underserved individuals in need of healthcare with area healthcare providers in the rural area in Lake County. The Network Nurse Program provides direct and personal support to individuals in need.

Bridges to a New Day $10,000
For Darlene's Program, a Reduced Fee Program for low to moderate income children and adults in need of mental health counseling in Will County. The program also works with schools and provides on-site counseling.

Center on Halsted $ 15,000
For the Behavioral Health Services, which provides LGBTQ youth, adults and seniors with comprehensive therapeutic short-term and long-term services, individual, family, relationship, and group therapy, support groups, crisis support, HIV/AIDS and STI program, Anti-Violence Project, and referral services.

The Community House aka Charlie's Gift $10,000
For Community-Based Counseling Services, which provides outpatient mental health care for uninsured and low-income individuals and families in DuPage County. Services include individual, group, couples, and family counseling and education.

Chicago Community Foundation $15,000
For the IL Immigration Funder Collaborative, which will support Public Charge-related activities. Funds will be used towards a pooled-fund to support organizations addressing health care needs.

Children's Advocacy Center of North and Northwest Cook County $10,000
For the Safe From the Start Program, which provides specialized counseling services for young children who were exposed to violence, their siblings, and non-offending parents/caregivers.

Children's Research Triangle $10,000
For the Evaluation & Treatment Fund, which provides low-income underserved families with access to free mental healthcare services on-site in communities. Services include on-site interventions medication management, medical/psychological evaluations.

Christian Community Health Center $10,000
To support the Targeted Patient Care Coordination Program, which brings together providers and information systems to coordinate and improve access to health services in order to meet the various needs of its patients, such as diabetes, hypertension.

Community Health $20,000
For General Operating Support of the free health care center which provides uninsured and low-income individuals with primary, dental, specialty care, medication, mental health, and lab services, as well as health education and social services.

Compass to Care Childhood Cancer Foundation $12,000
For the Access Life Program, which provides families with children in cancer treatment, with travel assistance. Funds will cover gas, car rental, parking, bus fare, train fare, airfare, lodging and other associated costs for long-distance travel.

Connections for Abused Women and Their Children $ 12,500
For the Hospital Crisis Intervention Project (HCIP), which provides crisis intervention services to patients at two local hospitals who present with issues related to domestic violence at the critical time they seek healthcare. HCIP also educates healthcare providers on identifying and responding to victims of domestic violence, and advocates for hospital-wide systemic change.

Connections for the Homeless $15,000
For Health & Wellness Services program, which provides clients, who have not seen a physician or psychiatrist in years and lack health insurance, with coordinated care plans in collaboration with clients and physicians, while providing case management.

Crisis Center for South Suburbia $10,000
For Housing Services for Victims of Domestic Violence, which provides emergency shelter and transitional housing, in addition to supportive services such as counseling, assistance with obtaining housing, credit repair, job assistance, child care, etc

Dental Lifeline $ 10,000
For the Donated Dental Services (DDS) program, which works in partnership with a statewide volunteer network of dentists to provide comprehensive dental care to elderly, disabled or medically fragile who are unable to afford dental treatment in the Chicago area.

Family Rescue $ 15,000
For the Residential Services Program, which includes a shelter and transitional housing program for survivors of domestic violence in Chicago's South Side. Comprehensive services include individual and group counseling, job training and placement, financial literacy classes, legal advocacy, food and transportation assistance, and referrals.

Family Service and Mental Health Center of Cicero $10,000
For General Operating Support. Funding will help offset costs for uninsured and under-insured individuals and families in need of mental health counseling services.

Family Shelter Service $10,000
For the Safer Communities Program, which provides emergency shelter and services for domestic violence (DV) victims. Services include Legal/Advocacy Assistance Services provided at the Lake County Courthouse; prevention education in schools, etc

Gads Hill Center $10,000
For the Healthy Moves Program, which aims to build the health outcomes of low-income families through peer-education on mental health wellness, accessing health information and the ACA, healthy eating and obesity using evidenced-based curriculum, etc.

Health & Medicine Policy Research Group $15,000
For the Chicago Area Schweitzer Fellowship and Fellows for Life Program, which provides a platform for graduate students in health-related fields to design and implement innovative field projects in partnership with community organizations.

Healthcare Alternative Systems $10,000
For General Operating Support to provide culturally-tailored behavioral health services, such as individual/post-partum depression counseling, transitional housing and residential treatment programs, substance abuse treatment, and dv counseling.

House of the Good Shepherd $19,300
For the Children's Oral Hygiene and Literacy Initiative, which will provide onsite exams, cleanings and health education on oral hygiene to children at all of its shelters.

Indian American Medical Association IL Charitable Foundation $ 10,000
Towards the salary of an Administrative Assistant, who will assist with digitizing clinic documents, creating print media designs, community outreach, program development, expand clinic days and hours, quality improvement measures, coordinating physical clinic upgrades, gathering clinic demographics, and more.

Infant Welfare Society of Chicago $10,000
For general operating support for the Angel Harvey Family Clinic which provides medical, dental, optometry, therapeutic and behavioral health services, and child development for children and youth, from birth to 18, as well as prenatal and women's health.

Refugee One (formerly Interfaith Refugee and Immigration Ministries) $10,000
For the Wellness Program for Refugee Youth, which provides in-house therapeutic, medical, linguistic, and cultural expertise services. Program utilizes trauma-informed evidence-based strategies to promote positive changes in cognition, behavior, etc.

Juvenile Protective Association $10,000
For the Building Bridges to North Lawndale Program, which provides mental health services at CPS. Therapists provide students with individual counseling, small group counseling and classroom groups as well as guidance to teachers and parents.

Kaleidoscope, Inc. $10,000
For General Operating Support to provide mental health and healing to youth who have experienced trauma. Funds will be used towards case managers salaries, to help keep the staff to clients ratio low.

KAN-WIN (Korean American Women in Need) $10,000
For the Transitional Housing Program, which provides safe and supportive services for survivors of domestic violence. Services also include emergency shelter, individual counseling, case management, assistance with finding permanent affordable housing.

Meals On Wheels Foundation Of Northern Illinois $10,000
For General Operating Support of this meal delivery program and wellness check for older adults, persons with disabilities and individuals who are homebound or seriously ill. The agency also provides group dining cafes and social activities.

Mobile CARE Chicago $10,000
For the Comprehensive Asthma Management Program, which dispatches vans equipped with medical equipment to underserved Cook County areas shown to have a high prevalence of pediatric asthma and morbidity and mortality rates.

Mutual Ground $ 10,000
For the Sexual Assault Program, which provides individual and group counseling, medical advocacy at area hospitals, legal advocacy at Kane and Kendall County Courthouses, 24-hour crisis hotline, prevention education for children, and counseling at Kendall County Food Pantry. Funds will be used toward salary support of a bilingual counselor.

NAMI of Dupage County $10,000
For Peer Counseling Program for Individuals with Mental Illness. Trained Peer Counselors deliver one-on-one mentoring services, facilitate support groups for individuals and families, and make education presentations at hospitals and facilitate classes.

Old Irving Park Community Clinic $ 15,000
For General Operating Support to cover expenses incurred to provide free, quality primary and behavioral health care to uninsured and underserved low-income individuals. Expenses include salary support for the Clinical Manager, volunteer coordinator, registered nurse, behavioral therapist, as well as lab tests, medical supplies, etc.

Organizing Neighborhoods for Equality: Northside aka ONE Northside $10,000
For the Mental Health Justice Project, which works with people living with mental illness to educate the broader community and break down the stigma of mental illness.

Over the Rainbow Association $10,000
For Dental Care for Disabled Residents at Hill Arboretum. Although Medicaid coverage of dental care is expanding, it only covers basic care. It is anticipated that clients will need procedures such as root canals, crowns and dentures.

PCC Community Wellness Center $10,000
For Oral Health Program, which began with serving children, and has slowly expanded to also serve uninsured, low-income adults. PCC prioritizes preventative and restorative oral health care and health education. (Indirect restorations-crowns)

Samaritan Interfaith Counseling Center $10,000
For the Mental Health Access Program, which provides fee-subsidized counseling and psychological testing for individuals, couples or families in crisis who are unemployed, low-income or otherwise unable to afford the services.

Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law $ 15,000
For Mitigating Harm from Proposed Changes to Public Charge Rule. The project will provide trainings, public education and outreach to communities affected by the proposed "public charge" rule changes on public health benefits. Trainings will also be provided to healthcare professionals and social service agencies to ensure accurate information.

South Suburban Family Shelter $10,000
For general operating support to continue providing comprehensive coordinated domestic violence services. Services include a 24-hour bilingual hotline, crisis intervention, emergency shelter, transitional housing, individual and group counseling, etc.

Southwest Organizing Project (SWOP) $10,000
For the Southwest System of Care Network, which aims to plan and implement a System of Care in three schools that is tied to at least four healthcare and social service providers coordinating efforts in these schools.

Tri City Health Partnership $15,000
For general operating support of this free health care clinic which provides medical care to uninsured and underinsured low-income residents in Kane County. Services includes primary care screenings, dental exams/treatment, medication assistance, etc.

Tuesday's Child $8,000
For the Familias Felices-Spanish Behavioral Intervention Program for families with children ages 18 months-6 years. The Program provides one-on-one counseling, and classroom intervention on developmental disabilities, autism, bi-Polar behavior, etc.

UCP Seguin Services $10,000
For the Oral Health Care Program, for adults with developmental disabilities. Program includes exams, cleanings, x-rays, fillings, extractions, crowns, prophylactic treatments, and follow-up visits.

Will-Grundy Medical Clinic $ 15,000
For General Operating Support. The free health care clinic provides comprehensive medical and dental care through volunteer doctors, dentists, and specialty physicians. Services include lab tests, medications, and wellness services.

Youth & Opportunity United (YOU) $ 10,000
For the Mental Health Counseling program, which provides free Clinical Counseling Services for low-income youth in school-based and after-school and summer programs in Evanston. Funds will be used towards salary support of the Youth and Family Counselor, who provides psychoeducational and group therapy and individual counseling.

Youth Outreach Services $15,000
For Behavioral and Substance Abuse Counseling for high-risk youth. Counseling Services include individual, family and group counseling, life skills training, pro-social activities, and community linkages.

YWCA of Lake County $10,000
For the Health Services Program, which provides education and screenings for Breast Cancer, Cervical Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, Osteoporosis, nutrition, and referrals and follow-up services.

Zion Benton Children's Service $10,000
For Support of the Lind Memorial Dental Clinic, a full service dental clinic for school-age children from low-income families in the Zion, Beach Park, and Winthrop area in Lake County. The Clinic provides routine preventative care.

Total: 50 grants $569,600

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Brighton Park Neighborhood Council $10,000
For the Success and Stability Program, a school-based financial literacy case management program for homeless families. The program provides financial coaching to ensure families improve their financial health and be housing secure.

Catholic Charities, Diocese of Joliet $10,000
For the Emergency Services and Homeless Prevention Program and Hope House Shelter. Funds will be used towards shelter, food, clothing, prescription assistance, vocational counseling, transportation vouchers, utility assistance, case management, etc.

Chicago Coalition for the Homeless $10,000
For the Youth Futures Health Initiative, a mobile legal aid clinic which helps homeless students and unaccompanied youth access preventive and primary health services. Attorneys help youth access Medicaid, suitable health and mental health treatment, etc.

Chicago Lights $10,000
For the Social Service Center, which includes case management, food pantry, clothing, hygiene items, access to a telephone, support groups, and street outreach, which provides home-less individuals within a 2 mile radius with water, toiletries, clothing.

ChildServ $7,500
For the Emerge Program, which provides homeless youth, 18-24, with subsidized temporary housing and supportive services, which includes trauma-informed individual case management, therapeutic individual and group counseling, medical case management, life skills education, and job readiness support and placement.

Christian Outreach of Lutherans $10,000
For the Family Housing Program, which provides scattered site housing in Lake County to small and large homeless families with children of various compositions, including two parent families and male head of households.

Deborah's Place $15,000
For the Health Services Program, which provides homeless and chronically homeless women with on-site access to health care services, health education, and assists clients with establishing and achieving self-directed health goals.

DuPage Senior Citizens Council $10,000
For General Operating Support. Programs and Services include Senior Nutrition Program (Meals on Wheels and Community Dining), Well-Being Checks, Home Maintenance Program, Chore Day, Friendly Visitors Program, and Health and Wellness Program.

Facing Forward (formerly Interfaith Council for the Homeless) $15,000
For General Operating Support to help end the cycle of homelessness. Services include permanent supportive housing, clinical case management, and supportive services (healthcare, life skills training).

Franciscan Outreach Association $15,000
To support the Housing Program and Services, which includes Emergency Shelters, Transitional Housing Program (Streets to Home Initiative and Interim Housing), case management, financial assistance fund, meals, access to health care, and more.

The Harbour $ 15,000
For the Safe Harbour Emergency Shelter, which provides short-term housing, trauma-informed crisis intervention, counseling, case management, educational support, and placement for girls, age 12-20. The Aftercare Program provides follow-up services, linkages to community resources and long-term counseling.

H.O.M.E. $10,000
For General Operating Support. Programs include Upkeep and Repair, which provides home repairs for low-income seniors; Intergenerational Housing; Shopping Bus, which transports seniors to obtain food and medical supplies; Moving; and Volunteer Engage, etc

Housing Forward (formerly West Suburban P.A.D.S.) $15,000
For Supportive Services, which provides homeless adults with Basic services such as showers, laundry, storage, computer access, and voicemail/mail services; and Case Management Services. A Nurse Case Manager also provides medical care on-site, etc.

Housing Opportunity Development Corporation $ 10,000
Towards salary support of a FT Services Coordinator to bridge the gap between low-income tenants, some of whom are disabled, who live in supportive housing, with service providers in the northern suburbs.

Housing Opportunities for Women $15,000
For general operating support. HOW provides a comprehensive array of housing programs and supportive services. HOW is adding 50 units of Permanent Supportive Housing in 2019. Funds will be used towards trauma-informed, strength-based case management, etc

Howard Brown Health Center $10,000
For renewal support of the Broadway Youth Center, a multi-agency collaboration which provides LGBTQ and unstably housed youth with comprehensive low-barrier medical care, behavioral health services, homeless youth case management, etc.

Ignite (formerly Teen Living Programs) $15,000
For General Operating Support of TLP, which addresses the immediate needs of youth, ages 14-24, experiencing homelessness, and helps them achieve independence and stable housing.

La Casa Norte $10,000
For general operating support of this agency which serves youth and families facing homelessness. Services include outreach, emergency shelter, transitional housing, permanent supportive housing, rapid rehousing, and financial education.

Lakeview Pantry $15,000
For general operating support. The Pantry distributes food and provides social services such as case management, mental health counseling, and assistance with housing, employment and medical care for uninsured, underinsured and low-income individuals.

Lawndale Christian Legal Center $10,000
For MAC House Program, which provides young adults, age 18-24, in North Lawndale who face chronic unemployment/homelessness, with customized training in preparation for apprenticeship programs with local unions, case management, etc.

Lawyers Committee for Better Housing $ 15,000
For the Eviction Diversion Program (EDP). Funds will be used towards hiring a FT program coordinator position who will screen tenants who may qualify for homeless prevention funds and provides follow-up services. The position will also coordinate the case management aspect of the program, liaise with court officials and social service providers, and conduct community outreach.

Lincoln Park Community Shelter $15,000
For General Operating Support. The Shelter offers a drop-in center, interim housing, permanent supportive housing, meals, rental assistance, health care counseling, job assistance, case management, referrals, etc., for individuals who are homeless.

Loaves and Fishes Community Pantry $10,000
For the CARES and Grocery Assistance Programs, which includes emergency financial assistance and utility assistance; healthy food selections, tailored food preparation for people with dietary needs, nutrition education, etc.

LYTE Collective $15,000
For general operating support for youth facing poverty and homelessness with a new community center. The center will provide youth with a safe space while seeking assistance with housing, health care, employment, legal services, counseling, etc.

Matthew House $10,000
For the Daytime Supportive Center, which provides homeless individuals with case management, basic needs, job assistance, healthcare, housing placement, and permanent supportive housing.

McGaw YMCA $10,000
For the Men's Residence Supportive Services Program, which provides affordable housing to low-income men in Evanston. Supportive services include case management, referrals for chronic illnesses, addiction, health issues, aging, and accessing benefits.

New Moms $15,000
For General Operating Support to provide homeless youth with children and high-risk adolescent mothers with food, housing and healthcare. Services include linking mothers to education, employment, stable independent housing, health care, etc.

The Night Ministry $20,000
For General Operating Support to meet the needs of homeless and precariously housed individuals through Youth Services and Health Outreach.

People's Resource Center $10,000
For Emergency Assistance and Social Services for DuPage County families experiencing crisis situations. Services include emergency financial assistance or access to benefits to prevent losing their homes, assistance with finding housing, etc.

Primo Center for Women and Children $10,000
For Trauma-Informed Case Management and Mental Health Services provided to families in its housing programs, including two shelters and permanent supportive housing. Funds will be used towards salary support of case managers and clinic staff.

Renaissance Collaborative $ 10,000
For General Operating Support of its affordable housing for low-income seniors and the chronically homeless in Chicago's Bronzeville neighborhood. In addition to SROs, Renaissance offers supportive services such as case management, employment training programs, life skills classes and referrals.

Renaissance Social Services $15,000
For general operating support of this homeless service provider. Programs include the new Family Support Program, which will provide Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH); new Street Outreach Program, etc.

Sarah's Circle $15,000
For General Operating Support to support women who are homeless or at-risk, to rebuild their lives. Comprehensive services include Daytime Support Center, Clinical Services, Interim Housing Program, Permanent Supportive Housing Program,etc.

Shelter, Inc. $10,000
For Emergency Group Homes, for children and teens age 11-17 in crisis due to abuse, neglect or in need of supervision. Supportive services include individual and group counseling, health screenings, transportation to/from school, life skills etc.

South Suburban PADS $10,000
For General Operating Support. PADS provide individuals and families who are at-risk or homeless with emergency shelter, meals, rapid rehousing, permanent supportive housing as well as street outreach and emergency prevention services, etc.

Southwest Chicago PADS $10,000
For Case Management Program for chronically homeless individuals and housing insecure persons. Case managers assist with furniture/household goods, assistance with security deposits, access to eye exams, prescriptions, job training and employment, etc

St. Leonard's Ministries $12,000
For General Operating Support of Grace House and St. Leonard's Ministries interim housing and integrated care programs for individuals recently released from prison.

Tasc Inc $10,000
For the Supportive Release Center, a partnership with the Cook County Sheriff's Office, Heartland Alliance Health and UC Urban Labs, to serve men leaving Cook County Jail with substance abuse, mental health, and other health conditions.

Young Invincibles $10,000
Towards the Mental Health Services Map on the StreetLight Chicago app, which will provide homeless youth with access to mental health services. The map will geographically plot out the location of providers delivering mental health services and support.

Total: 39 grants $469,500

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