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The Blowitz-Ridgeway Foundation is committed to improving the health and well-being of individuals and families in Chicago and collar counties. We share with everyone a mutual concern of what an advanced COVID-19 outbreak can look like in our area. Thank you for your continued strength and resilience during this challenging time. The role of the nonprofit sector is more important now than ever before.

As the situation evolves, we want to assure our partners that we like you will remain steadfast in our commitment to supporting access to equitable, quality health and human services; communicating accurate information; and addressing the social determinants of health. We understand the ways COVID19 can exacerbate the existing health inequities that impact our individuals and families with low incomes, people of color, people with disabilities, the chronically ill, and the elderly and immigrant communities living in our regions; and we have a shared commitment to continually support our partners who already work to address these inequities on a daily basis.

Even in uncertain times, one thing remains constant: we are facing this together and together we will do what we can to keep our region, especially the most vulnerable among us, healthy. As with other foundations, we will continue to monitor the latest on COVID-19 from public health officials and, as funders, we fully commit to joining forces to learn from our grantee partners about community needs and address this situation as best as we can. We encourage our grantee partners to also reach out to us with their own needs as we navigate the road ahead.

Please see below for important information:


We understand the importance of timely, accurate and helpful communication surrounding COVID-19. We encourage our grantee partners to visit trusted sources of public health information, including:

Centers for Disease Control

Chicago Department of Public Health

World Health Organization

The American Public Health Association has also released coronavirus fact sheets in English, Spanish and Chinese. We invite you to share these with your clients and community partners.

Coronavirus Outbreak & the Nonprofit Sector

The coronavirus outbreak creates unique challenges for the nonprofit sector. Nonprofits often serve individuals who are most vulnerable to public health threats. They may also operate with limited financial reserves or rely on public events for fundraising. Learn what your nonprofit can do now to prepare for coronavirus or other potential business interruption.